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Can you introduce "Mawaqit" to me?
Can you introduce "Mawaqit" to me?
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Mawaqit is a non-profit organization behind the world's most trusted Smart Mosque Display, which thousands of mosques love.

Our free website,, offers a new way to track and manage prayer times. It allows mosques to be connected with a free-of-charge smartwatch to have permanent access to your administration page, manage schedules, news, and many other features.

Our worldwide Mawaqit application has been installed in more than 40 countries. It's available in two versions: the connected one that requires internet access and the autonomous offline one that doesn't need internet access.

Mawaqit app allows you to search for your prayer time reminders more efficiently, helping with travel-related prayers. You can easily download the app on Android and iPhone. The application will give you the exact, not an approximate, timetable of your famous mosque, as well as news and search for mosques by geolocation.

In general, Mawaqit is the first system in the world that consists of a complete platform for mosque management to help build a great relationship with its masses by providing many digital services and solutions to mosques and worshipers.

Some of the services offered by Mawaqit are the Smart Mosques Display, prayer times, announcements, events, messages, and the notification center. Other services include mobile apps, Smartwatch apps, Home Assistant integration, Vocal Assistant, Telegram bot, and more.

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