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How to change the administrator of my mosque?
How to change the administrator of my mosque?
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You want to be able to manage your mosque but you do not have access to the mawaqit gateway because of one of the following reasons:

  • The previous admin has left the association but has not given you the credentials to access the mawaqit gateway

  • You have lost your password and cannot access your mailbox.

  • The supervisors of the mosque have changed.

If so, you just have to follow these few steps :

  1. Create a new account on without adding a new mosque.

  2. Send an email at [email protected] specifying your request with the following information :

    1. Your mosque ID ( the unique identifier that you can find on the bottom left corner of the mawaqit screen) and if necessary the name and the city of your mosque.

    2. The mail address of the new mawaqit account.

    3. A recent supporting document (electricity or water bill, etc ..)

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