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I want to join the MAWAQIT team
I want to join the MAWAQIT team

I want to work as a volunteer for MAWAQIT

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Behind the lines of code, there is a whole team of volunteers committed to each user.

We are always looking for new talents and committed volunteers to help us develop MAWAQIT and continue to offer this free service to our community of over 5 million users!

If you think you can contribute to this blessed project, you can submit your application here:

Since the launch of MAWAQIT in 2016, we have chosen to put digital at the service of mosques: we develop smart display technologies and accompany mosques, schools and associations that use them in a completely free way.

MAWAQIT is freely financed by those who find it useful. The community of users contributes to our operation. This contribution allows us to guarantee that all our services are completely free of charge, and to ensure the continuous development of our ecosystem.

Of course, such a quality service has a cost, but we have chosen a different model, 100% free. Our business model is based on the contributions that mosques or users of our applications freely leave us. This is our only source of income.

As you know, MAWAQIT is a Waqf fi sabili Allah (وقف في سبيل الله ), and survives thanks to Allah ﷻ, then thanks to your donations.

More than 10,000 mosques use MAWAQIT daily, and soon 5 Million users trust MAWAQIT daily to provide them with accurate prayer times. Free of charge and without ads. In over 85 countries around the world.

🙏 If you can't contribute, please feel free to share with someone who might be interested in joining us, so :

يقول النبي ﷺ: من دل على خير؛ فله مثل أجر فاعله فأنت لك ثواب الدلالة، والنصيحة، والتشجيع، وهو له ثواب الإنفاق بماله، فكلاكما شريك في الخير. نعم.

جزاكم الله خيرًا، وأحسن إليكم.

Also, if you know any mobile developers in your circle who want to contribute to our opensource project, please consider inviting them to contribute to this blessed project. Anyone and everyone is welcome.

We constantly need all, skills (Engineers, Mobile developers, Android TV, Smartwatch, Graphic designers, Design, Support, Hotline, Content translation, Community Managers for social networks,...)

Share around you baraka'Allah fikom, who knows? Maybe Allah will guide through your sharing one person who could contribute in some way?

Finally, don't forget that you can give your positive review on the stores if you like our app, this will greatly encourage our volunteers and encourage more users to use MAWAQIT and contribute insha'Allah.

Baraka'Allah fikom, and may Allah reward you greatly for your encouragement, donations and continued support.

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