How to add a new mosque to MAWAQIT ?
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To add a mosque to MAWAQIT, there are 2 steps :

I- Registering your mosque on the website.

II-Installing MAWAQIT in your mosque.

This article explains to you the first step.

I- Registering your mosque on the website:

To add a mosque, you have to be the administrator or be part of the direction board of the mosque you are adding.

If you are helping with the registration because the administrators are not familiar with computing, you should have their express permission to do so beforehand.

Before to begin the registration process, please confirm that the mosque you are adding does not already exist.

Prepare 2 photos of the mosque: a photo from the exterior and from the interior of the mosque.

PLEASE MAKE SURE THE PHOTOS RESPECT THE FOLLOWING RULES, this will ensure your registration is directly validated, which will save you a big amount of time:

  • The photo should be of good quality

  • No face nor number plates must appear on it

  • The photo should be taken in landscape mode

  1. Once you are set, go to this page. Proceed with the registration and confirmation of your email

2. Then, add your MAWAQIT in your space.

3. Select the type of MAWAQIT you wish to register and complete the form.

Please note that only mosques are listed in the mobile app.

Once you save your form, your entry will be checked and validated or rejected.

Please not that most of the time, when a mosque is rejected, the reason lies in the submitted photos that do not respect the rules. So please make sure your photos are compliant.

The validation process can take up to 72h. You will receive an email informing you of the decision.

Once your mosque is validated, you must proceed to step 2 in order for your mosque to be listed and found in the mobile app.

II- Installing MAWAQIT in your mosque

To install MAWAQIT in your mosque, please read our installation manual

If you have any question, please contact the support

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